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Welcome to The Brothers and Sisters Online Forum. This forum is dedicated to the ABC Drama serial about The dysfunctional family - The Walkers, who lives are thrown into turmoil after the head patriarch William Walker dies unexpectingly and secrets and bombshells begin to make their appearance in ugly circumstances. The Show went for 5 years on ABC , but sadly was cancelled by the ABC Network in 2011. (A very bad decision). But never fear my fellow fans, let's enjoy and celebrate the show's cast, the episodes, characters, and anything else including our creative work fan arts and fan fiction! This forum is dedicated in preserving the memory of the show for itself and the fans!

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Hi Dutch fan here!

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Hi Dutch fan here!  Empty Hi Dutch fan here!

Post by marea67 on Wed Aug 27, 2014 8:41 am

I've been a fan of B&S since 2007 when the show came on television here in the Netherlands. Before that I was already a fan of Matthew Rhys, who was the reason for me to watch this show. 

I didn't know what to think of it. I felt a bit worried about Calista playing in it, because, contrary to 98% of the people I knew, I had NOT liked Ally McBeal. 

On the plus-side, the show had Sally Field and I knew you can't really go wrong with her. And there was Tom Skerritt (William) on the list of actors as well.. And Matthew... So, I gave it a try.

Within one episode I had fallen in love with the Walkers. The rest... as they say.. is history....  Very Happy

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Hi Dutch fan here!  Empty Re: Hi Dutch fan here!

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 28, 2014 8:35 am

Hey marea great to have you here, it's been a long time. I love Kevin and Scotty the most as well. Since Scotty first appeared in season one I knew he and Kevin would be an awesome couple. Smile

You know I tried to like ally Mcbeal, but I couldn't like it. There was something off about that show. It might have been the writing ans the character Calista played, but I was so glad to look like on the DVD cover and to see Calista on it! I absolutely love Sally Field. So was really happy to see them both on he show. Prior to the show I never really heard of Rachel Griffith , despite her being in Six Feet Under,.

I am looking forward to posting more and discussing the show with everyone :p

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