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Welcome to The Brothers and Sisters Online Forum. This forum is dedicated to the ABC Drama serial about The dysfunctional family - The Walkers, who lives are thrown into turmoil after the head patriarch William Walker dies unexpectingly and secrets and bombshells begin to make their appearance in ugly circumstances. The Show went for 5 years on ABC , but sadly was cancelled by the ABC Network in 2011. (A very bad decision). But never fear my fellow fans, let's enjoy and celebrate the show's cast, the episodes, characters, and anything else including our creative work fan arts and fan fiction! This forum is dedicated in preserving the memory of the show for itself and the fans!

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Hello all - The Name is Dan!

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Hello all - The Name is Dan! Empty Hello all - The Name is Dan!

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 03, 2013 1:52 pm

G'day all and welcome to the new Brothers and Sisters Forum, I created this forum in the hopes to reunite fans to discuss the great ABC Drama that starred Sally Field, Calista FlockHeart , Dave Annable and Rachel Griffiths.

I got into the show by accident a few years ago and haven't looked back since. I purchased the dvds by the off chance and is now one of my many favourite TV shows.

I consider the Walkers like a second family. (virtual). It's a show where I can identify with all the characters in some way. I more identify with Justin because of the closeness in age and I've had a few downturns in my life hence why Justin is my favourite.

I've written numerous fan fiction and created fan art for this awesome show, which I will be posted here as the I set up the forum!

Other TV shows I like include X-Files, Charmed, Xena, Law & Order SVU and Justified. I have many more, but I will only name a few!

Hope more fans come out of the wood work and join! Will be fun to reunite with other fans to discuss this great drama! Very Happy

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